What Is An Optimal Blood Pressure When Racing

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What Is An Optimal Blood Pressure When Racing

As we age, we increase our risk of hypertension, the condition of having chronic high blood pressure. Adults approaching the age of 40 especially need to focus on maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Hypertension itself correlates with increased risks of heart disease and strokes. Taking steps to reduce high blood pressure therefore reduces risks of other, potentially life-threatening conditions, and leads to better health and fitness over all.

What the Numbers Mean

Blood pressure is measured with two numbers. The first is systolic blood pressure, and the second one is diastolic blood pressure. The former refers to the pressure of the blood beating into the arteries, and is always the biggest number; the latter refers to the pressure of the blood in the arteries during the space when the heart is at rest. Ideally, adults should have a systolic omron blood pressure monitor reading of less than 120, and a diastolic reading of less than 80.

The Danger Zones

Hypertension affects as many as one in three American adults. Beginning numbers for this condition are 140/90. Dangerously high blood pressures are 180/110 or greater—these are emergency numbers requiring immediate treatment.


Factors that Influence Blood Pressure

Obesity increases the risk of hypertension. Inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle is bad for healthy blood pressure levels, visit this twitter account. A poor diet, including too much sodium and excessive alcohol consumption, are dangerous to those with high blood pressure. Tobacco products can elevate blood pressure. Stress is also implicated in increasing hypertension.

How to Achieve an Optimal Blood Pressure

Doctors can prescribe many medications to treat high blood pressure. Healthy lifestyle patterns are essential factors in managing blood pressure levels. Achieving a healthy weight, maintaining a robust level of activity, and eating a nourishing diet help fight hypertension. The National Institute of Health recommends the “DASH” diet to help achieve a healthy blood pressure. Adequate aerobic exercise and regular movement throughout the day combat hypertension. Learning and regularly using stress-busting techniques are essential for those with high blood pressure.

No one is a victim: adults of any age can take steps to fight back against hypertension. And with an increase in cardiovascular health, the whole body will benefit. Beating the statistics and taking the steps to achieve an optimal blood pressure will lead to increased health and well-being across the board.


Neck Pain Racing Office Chair

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Neck Pain Racing Office Chair

Sitting for an extend amount of time in office chairs can result in neck pain. The causes may include poor posture habits and lack of ergonomics in chair construction. Poor habits in posture can be fixed, and ergonomic chairs are widely available as alternatives to traditional chairs.

Posture Tips

There are several posture components one can adopt to decrease neck pain.

1) Symmetry is very important. Eyes should look straight ahead, directly at the screen. The body should be facing forward; it should be parallel to the computer.

2) Limbs should either be parallel or perpendicular to the objects on which they rest. Arms should be parallel to the table, and feet should be flat on the floor. Legs should be bent at 90°.

Ergonomic Chairs: Criteria

Using the right ergonomic chair would not only decrease neck pain, but all types of pain given proper posture. There are several elements to which one should pay attention when buying an ergonomic chair.

1) Seat dimensions. Seat height should be adjustable so that it can accommodate people with different leg lengths. Remember that feet should be flat and legs should be at 90°. Seat length and width should both be such that sitting is comfortable for the user. The length should be long enough that it supports most of the thigh, while leaving a few inches between the back of the knee and the end of the seat.

2) Backrest. The backrest should most importantly be curved at the lumbar region (the curve on the back behind the stomach) for lumbar support. As each individual has unique lumbar dimensions, the angle and height of the backrest should be adjustable. A lack of support to the lumbar area strains the lower spine, which would causes pain.

3) Materials. Softer materials that can add padding for comfort are better than harder materials. It is generally optimal to have padding that adds support to the most comfortable and usual body position.


Ergonomic Chairs: Types

Many types of ergonomic chairs are produced, and some may be more suitable for specific people.

1) Kneeling chair. This chair has no back. As the name implies, the user kneels. It helps decrease spinal compression and tension.

2) Saddle chair. Using a saddle similar to that on a horse, the user adopts a stable position in which the legs are in a natural position. Saddle chairs are particularly useful to help with lower back issues.

3) Exercise ball chair. The ball-shaped chair disables users from slouching and its bouncing abilities help with blood circulation.

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S60 Polestar – Can Volvo Create Racing Cars?

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S60 Polestar – Can Volvo Create Racing Cars?

First and foremost, this is a beast. This car will make your heart jump and your adrenaline start pumping like crazy. Wow, when you sit down in the driver seat, you can feel the absolute raw performance under your feet. Volvo has done a heck of a job with this car, I´m not gonna lie. However, it all comes with a price, a quite hefty one. You could spend this money one a absolute beast Volvo supercar, or an equally bad ass BMW or Audi. I guess it’s all up to you.

Fellas, just take a look at this clip. If you don’t get impressed by this. Well, then you’re either crazy or Buggatti car – rich (lol).

What does Polestar mean?

Well, polestar is what BMW call the M-series and Mercedes call AMG. It’s just a brand of their sport/racing cars. If you ask me, I´m not to fancy about Volvo’s choice of logo and colour here. But does that really matter? No, I don’t think so, the performance and power that the Swedish guys deliver with this car is insane. It does truly live up to It’s name and puts some serious pressure towards their competitors. Volvo does really put out a message out there for the other European sport cars manufacturers, “Watch Out For Volvo and Sweden”.

Would i like to own one?

Isn’t that obvious? Sure I´d like to own one, however since it’s quite pricy. I´m not 100% sure if I´d put my money here or on another car. I guess It all comes down to personal preference. If you like the look and high quality Swedish craftsmanship, then this is a no brainer. I can promise you this, you’ll not be disappointed.

polestar racing cars
Volvo s60 and v60 Polestar – Back to Back