S60 Polestar – Can Volvo Create Racing Cars?

09. May 2016 Race Cars 0
S60 Polestar – Can Volvo Create Racing Cars?

First and foremost, this is a beast. This car will make your heart jump and your adrenaline start pumping like crazy. Wow, when you sit down in the driver seat, you can feel the absolute raw performance under your feet. Volvo has done a heck of a job with this car, I´m not gonna lie. However, it all comes with a price, a quite hefty one. You could spend this money one a absolute beast Volvo supercar, or an equally bad ass BMW or Audi. I guess it’s all up to you.

Fellas, just take a look at this clip. If you don’t get impressed by this. Well, then you’re either crazy or Buggatti car – rich (lol).

What does Polestar mean?

Well, polestar is what BMW call the M-series and Mercedes call AMG. It’s just a brand of their sport/racing cars. If you ask me, I´m not to fancy about Volvo’s choice of logo and colour here. But does that really matter? No, I don’t think so, the performance and power that the Swedish guys deliver with this car is insane. It does truly live up to It’s name and puts some serious pressure towards their competitors. Volvo does really put out a message out there for the other European sport cars manufacturers, “Watch Out For Volvo and Sweden”.

Would i like to own one?

Isn’t that obvious? Sure I´d like to own one, however since it’s quite pricy. I´m not 100% sure if I´d put my money here or on another car. I guess It all comes down to personal preference. If you like the look and high quality Swedish craftsmanship, then this is a no brainer. I can promise you this, you’ll not be disappointed.

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Volvo s60 and v60 Polestar – Back to Back