What Is An Optimal Blood Pressure When Racing

09. September 2016 Health 0
What Is An Optimal Blood Pressure When Racing

As we age, we increase our risk of hypertension, the condition of having chronic high blood pressure. Adults approaching the age of 40 especially need to focus on maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Hypertension itself correlates with increased risks of heart disease and strokes. Taking steps to reduce high blood pressure therefore reduces risks of other, potentially life-threatening conditions, and leads to better health and fitness over all.

What the Numbers Mean

Blood pressure is measured with two numbers. The first is systolic blood pressure, and the second one is diastolic blood pressure. The former refers to the pressure of the blood beating into the arteries, and is always the biggest number; the latter refers to the pressure of the blood in the arteries during the space when the heart is at rest. Ideally, adults should have a systolic omron blood pressure monitor reading of less than 120, and a diastolic reading of less than 80.

The Danger Zones

Hypertension affects as many as one in three American adults. Beginning numbers for this condition are 140/90. Dangerously high blood pressures are 180/110 or greater—these are emergency numbers requiring immediate treatment.


Factors that Influence Blood Pressure

Obesity increases the risk of hypertension. Inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle is bad for healthy blood pressure levels, visit this twitter account. A poor diet, including too much sodium and excessive alcohol consumption, are dangerous to those with high blood pressure. Tobacco products can elevate blood pressure. Stress is also implicated in increasing hypertension.

How to Achieve an Optimal Blood Pressure

Doctors can prescribe many medications to treat high blood pressure. Healthy lifestyle patterns are essential factors in managing blood pressure levels. Achieving a healthy weight, maintaining a robust level of activity, and eating a nourishing diet help fight hypertension. The National Institute of Health recommends the “DASH” diet to help achieve a healthy blood pressure. Adequate aerobic exercise and regular movement throughout the day combat hypertension. Learning and regularly using stress-busting techniques are essential for those with high blood pressure.

No one is a victim: adults of any age can take steps to fight back against hypertension. And with an increase in cardiovascular health, the whole body will benefit. Beating the statistics and taking the steps to achieve an optimal blood pressure will lead to increased health and well-being across the board.